Learn with Us

PSR offers religious instruction consistent with the wisdom and tradition of the Catholic Church. Our catechists are people of faith who volunteer their time and talent. They prepare lessons with care and use a curriculum approved by the Diocese of Belleville. By working together with families in a spirit of love and concern for the needs of the children, we hope to create a positive experience of church in the process of passing on the faith. PSR meets on Sunday mornings at 9am at Saint Clare School.

Registration for new and returning students to the Parish School of Religion will be held the weekend of August 14/15 after each mass.


Anyone may come to the parish office Monday—Friday from 9:00 am-4:30 pm to register. A person must be registered in the parish and have a baptismal certificate.
Tuition is $75.00 per person. If anyone is making their First Communion or Confirmation, there is an additional $10.00 fee. A $25.00 assessment fee will be added after August 22. As an alternative to PSR, you may want to consider sending your child to Catechesis of the Good  Shepherd which has classes for children ages 3-12.

Contact the Barb Furdek at 618-632-1137 or email  Stnicholaspsr@gmail.com for more information.